Carlos Jason Craig

Carlos Ayala, Jason Hill, Craig Hill (retired) — The craftsmen of Los Al Builders.

Carlos, Jason and Craig are builders. They love doing a job well, and knowing it will serve people in one of their most basic needs: shelter.

But there's more.

The satisfaction of a job well done is what makes it worth going home at the end of a long day. The pursuit of excellence is what has allowed the craftsmen of Los Al Builders to prosper over the long decades— while others struggle to survive.

Their specialty is creating new environments for residents in retirement communities, such as Leisure World. They've been doing it for a long time, but the satisfaction of enhancing a life by transforming a living space never gets old.

And, they like surprising clients by stretching the limits of the possible.

As Carlos puts it, "Other contractors will say you can't do something. When we take the time to go through it, and analyze what they want to do — there's always some way of doing it. And it's a lot better to listen to the client and give them what they want."

Simple wisdom. And beautiful, like their work.

That's the Los Al ethic.